Career Israel is off to an amazing start with 92 participants joining us for the February 2010 session interning in every imaginable field.

Right now, we are in the heart of our orientation month. After 5 busy days in Jerusalem, the group has moved to Tel Aviv to spend 3 weeks intensively learning hebrew while spedning the afternoons learning about the ins and outs of the country.

Sunday was an especially fabulous day. We took the group on a tour of a Better Place,, a company revolutionalizing the world with its development of an innovative electric car. Not only did our group learn about the technology and get the drive electric cars, but we also had the incredible opportunity to meet with Shai Agassi, the founder and CEO of a Better Place. Career Israelites got to pick the brain of a leader in the field of green technology. Unfortunately, he could not stay long because he was off to meet with the US Ambassador to Israel and the Deputy to the Chief of Staff to the Israeli army who we also briefly saw. A good day overall for Career Israel.

One last week to learn Hebrew and prepare for internships before hitting the Israeli workplace.


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