The start to the official blog of Career Israel session 10!

Greetings all! My name is Nate and I’m a participant on the current Career Israel session that started in early February of this year and runs until late June. I graduated in August of 2010 from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana with a degree in Telecommunications and Management. I am currently living in Tel Aviv (!) working for a production company called Chaos Films….. and I must first thank the lovely staff of Career Israel for helping me get it!

This is the kickstart to me blogging about the many adventures I encounter while on Career Israel, in Israel! It has been just shy over a month since starting the program and arriving in this amazing country……. and oh my, so much has happened so far!

Our program began on February 2nd in Jerusalem. Mind you I arrived a few days before to assure that my flight was on time (and oh boy, was I happy… I just missed the Great Blizzard of 2011!!). The first few days of the program were spent mostly on very fun “icebreakers” to get to the know the participants and the staff and some amazing tours of the city….. I got to take these pictures!

After we left Jerusalem we moved to Tel Aviv. We now live in the heart of Tel Aviv by Dizengoff Center—- one of the BEST areas of the city! The first day after moving in were officially starting our Ulpan. I was in level Bet- I knew Hebrew, but I didn’t speak it fluently. I had a fantastic teacher named Shai—- he was amazing!!! The four weeks that I was on it were very helpful. A tip for the Ulpan: do your homework! If you’re really committed to learning Hebrew, it’s the only way to get it done!

Next— I have to talk about our trip to the Negev. I’d say so far it was my favorite activity we have done! It was three days, and we were always busy! Never a moment to rest, but hey, who rests in Israel!? The highlight of the trip was the nighttime hike. We got up at 2:00 in the morning (!) and hiked across the desert. Fantastic stargazing! It was also very spiritual—- we were in the land of our ancestors! Another highlight of the trip was our trip to the Bedouin tent where we learned a lot about Israeli Bedouins and the challenges they face, and we got to try their delicious tea—- what a treat!

The first month here in Beit Leni (where I live in Tel Aviv) was no picnic, but of course in a good way. Career Israel always keeps you busy, with fantastic seminars and activities. We have had going out nights to clubs, fascinating seminars with MASA programmers, Ethiopians, Rabbis, and even Israeli Arabs. The greatest things about the seminars in my opinion is the fact that SO  many opinions are being presented to us. It’s Israel—- nobody’s going to agree on anything! And walking the streets here, you can certainly feel that.

Well, I just started my internship this week– and it’s going well. The great thing about the staff is that they are here for me and to support me along my journey here.

I look forward to sharing all of my experiences with you all. This is program i’d recommend to everyone!


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