Passover reflections! An amazing Israeli experience!

Hello and happy end-of-Pesach to everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Passover and survived the 7 or 8 days of no bread! It was challenging, but I was able to make it!

Speaking of which, I thought I’d reflect a little bit on what Passover is like in Israel. Well, to say the least, it’s MUCH easier to keep Kosher for Pesach here than it is everywhere else! For starters many restaurants get “Koshered” and thus, serve Kosher for Pesach meals…. so much of the work is already laid out for us! Also, the lovely staff at Career Israel gave us all the opportunity to request Yeshiva students to come over and Kosher our apartments for free! Where else can that happen!?

Another thing that the Career Israel staff did for us was offer to set us up with a host family in case we didn’t have a place to go to for the first Seder. I took advantage of this offer and, by chance (or maybe they just know what they’re doing… that’s probably it!) got a fantastic host family! They were in the city of Ra’anana, which is about a half hour away from Tel Aviv. The daughter of the family and her boyfriend (who lived in Tel Aviv… a few blocks away from me!) were nice enough to offer me a ride there. And oh boy, was it amazing! The food was delicious! Israelis definitely know how to cook! (hehe!) There were several cultural differences between my family and theirs in terms of how the Seder “progressed”…… but they were all nice enough to guide me through their customs and I was so grateful to them!

Another thing Israelis love to do during Pesach is go to the beach. Most offices and schools are closed….. so what else are you going to do during the day?! Get a tan!? Check!

Many other Career Israelites decided to take advantage of the time off work and travel. Many of my friends went all over the world. Some went to Spain, Italy, Greece, or Cyprus. Some even went to Istanbul, Turkey! Wow! And some went home to spend Pesach with their family. Me, I took advantage of the time off by exploring parts of Tel Aviv I hadn’t seen before. Jaffa, mostly. And what a treat it was! The architecture there is amazing! Definitely a “must see” for anyone living in or visiting this city for a short time!

Tomorrow, I’m going to Yad Vashem with a couple of Career Israel participants and the staff. It’s optional, but it’s free and another example of one of the GREAT opportunities Career Israel offers you! Who could pass that up?

Coming up soon is the Religion and State seminar in Jerusalem, once again delving into politics and spirituality. I’m excited…… We’re in one of the most important areas of the world right now!

At the moment we’re working on improving the website, so if it is inactive ( it should be up soon.

Have a great week everyone and don’t eat to much bread at once!



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