Holocaust Rememberance Day 2011

Hello everyone, and happy almost weekend to you all.

This past week was a very important week for everyone in Israel. It was their date for Holocaust Remembrance. Sunday and Monday were the exact days.

Last Thursday, Career Israel gave us all a wonderful opportunity to travel to Yad Vashem to experience the largest Holocaust museum in the world. And what an experience it was! Of course, this isn’t one to “rave” about, shall I say. It was very powerful and emotional but we were lucky to have an excellent tour guide with us who really added to the moment with his vast array of knowledge on the subject.

In regards to the actual Holocaust Day in Israel, well, it’s nothing like it is anywhere in the world. Sunday night after 7 ALL (and I mean EVERYTHING) business were closed. On Monday morning at 10 am, a siren sounded that could be heard from across the country. All cars, pedestrians, everything, stopped dead in their tracks for two minutes. The purpose of the siren was to commemorate the six million killed.

This Sunday all of us will be returning to Jerusalem (well ,those of us who live in Tel Aviv at least) for the Relgion and State seminar. This is a great event that, according to the staff, gets great feedback from participants. Expect an update on this next week.

Also, Yom Ha’atzmaut is this Monday and Tuesday! This is Israel’s independence day…. the country is going to be 63 years old (about as old as my mother, hehe). This is apparently another extremely important day in Israel…. but in a much different way…. it’s a means for celebration rather than sadness. However, it is also a day to commemorate all of the soldiers killed in the IDF in the various past wars to defend Israel. Also expect an update on this next week.

Anyway, application time is now beginning for the Fall 2011 session of Career Israel (it’s 11th session since the program’s inception!)

Good luck filling out the applications and have a great weekend!



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