Religion and State Seminar reflections and Upcoming Sderot/ Gaza Trip!

Hello everyone!

The week seems to be winding down, but that doesn’t mean things are winding down for us on Career Israel!

This Shabbat I’m heading off to the West Bank to spend a night with a Jewish family in one of the settlements! At first, it may seem a little frightening, but it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for us to get a peak on what life on “the other side” is like. And I’m grateful that they’re kind enough to be taking me in! It’s going to be an incredible experience and I cannot wait!

About a week ago we also went on our annual Religion/State seminar in Jerusalem. This was a very serious trip that dealt with many heavily debated topics that face Israelis today. And they were VERY heavy topics. The main things that were discussed were Haredim serving in the army, civil/gay marriage in Israel, and the status of converts. Again, these are all very heavy topics that have NO clear solution…… but what was amazing was that we got to hear from three Israelis (all from different viewpoints) on these issues. It was a very engaging and interesting panel where all of these topics were discussed. Of course, we all disagreed on many things, but the debates were civil and fruitful. I really left the seminar learning a lot and actually being HOPEFUL for the future. Who would have thought?!

I must also briefly mention that our program is about 80% finished. Wow! We have about 30 days left as I write this and I still can’t believe how much I’ve experienced and learned in the past four months! I definitely feel “different”, but of course in a magnificent way!

This weekend we have our Sderot/Gaza trip. No….. we aren’t going to Gaza! But we are going NEAR there, to a small city that has been under constant threats from rockets and mortar bombs sent from Gaza for the past 10 years. In Sderot we will tour the city and get first hand experiences on what residents have had to endure for the past decade and how they are coping with living their daily life under constant threats. But of course, this is Israel! So there will be no discussion without bringing politics into the equation…. and I appreciate that! One of the great things about Career Israel and being here is listening to the infinite opinions that Israelis have. And they are all fascinating.

Expect a VERY long reflection on this event. Personally, this is THE event I have been looking forward to the most.

Until then, keep tabs of our new and improved website…( and our application process has begun for Fall 2011, Career Israel Session 11…. so if you haven’t yet, apply now!

I can tell you that you will be SO glad you did!

Have a great weekend everyone and Shabbat Shalom!


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