Internship in Psychology Research in Tel Aviv- and traveling and shopping on the side!

Erinn Kohn is on Career Israel Summer Internship Program.  She is a senior at Michigan State University and has an internship in Psychology Research at Tel Aviv University.

With only 6 weeks left to go, my Career Israel summer internship experience in Tel Aviv has been unparalleled to any other.  With regards to my internship I have found that I am able to accomplish what I had set out to, while dipping my toes into many different opportunities such as research, volunteering and travelling.

Erinn Kohn and summer internship program participants camping

Camping in the north

I am entering my senior year of college as a Psychology student at Michigan State University, and therefore have a bit of experience working in psychology labs. I was interested in harnessing my skills in the lab but using them in a new country and a new atmosphere. The lax, yet scholarly vibe that Tel Aviv University emits has helped me undertake serious projects that can only be found in Israel.  I am working on the data entry for a very interesting study regarding political violence and its implications on children and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). I also have spent time working in a school for children with severe Autism; an experience that would not come so easily in the United States.

summer internship program participants out in Tel Aviv

Night Out in Tel Aviv

When I am not working I am out exploring Tel Aviv and the rest of the country- browsing all of the unique boutiques, shopping in the market, and sampling all of the delicious restaurants.  It’s been amazing experiencing the nightlife in Tel Aviv; it’s lively and full of beachside bars and sparkling nightclubs.  I even took a weekend trip to Northern Israel to go camping and for a little change of pace and scenery.


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