Our amazing trip to the north on Career Israel

This post is by Mariel Ackerman, participant on the Career Israel Internship Program.  From Chicago, graduate of Indiana University ( BA in Public Health and Health Management).  Mariel’s internship in Tel Aviv is in Public Health, aiding African Refugees in Israel through pregnancy.

7am- we loaded the busses to head to The North for a few days.  I am actually excited just starting this blog entry because the North has been my favorite part of  Career Israel so far… I can use my time writing this as an excuse to reminisce!

Career Israel Internship Program hiking in the north

Career Israel Internship Program hiking in the north

When we arrived, we grabbed a packed lunch and got straight to hiking.  There is something about hiking inIsraelis extra AWESOME…we trekked over lots of water which kept us challenged for the entire 4 hours.  Itzik’s group and Mara’s group also started somewhat of a competition over who was passing who on the trail.  Quite funny and of course Mara’s group was way more functional :).  The next morning we were up at 6am for another hike.  This time, we could choose between “easy”, “medium”, and “hard”… “hard” hike option was supposed to be the Yehudia, one of the most famous hikes inIsrael.  Sadly the trail was closed because of mudslides, so we hiked part of Zavitan (another well known trail) instead.  It was a good thing that the hike from the day before was a bit challenging, since our “hard” hike turned in to a flat walk in the sun, and a swim in a crystal clear natural pool.  We had an amazing tour guide, Einat, who taught us quite a bit while we were hiking.

Career Israel Internship Program at Rosh Hanikra

Career Israel Internship Program at Rosh Hanikra

We also visited several other places, including Rosh Hanikra (beautiful grottos!) and a kibbutz called Misgav-Am which overlooks both Lebanon and Syria.  We listened to a very captivating speech by a Zionist who came here from the US many years ago.  After that, we went to a school called Shorashim, and then to an Arab (Bedouin) high school to talk with the students there about our similarities and differences.

That night, we had a BBQ by the beach and went on a dancing boat cruise on the Kinneret. After the cruise we learned about the negotiations being finalized for the return of Gilad Shalit – it was quite surreal. And left us something to look forward to when returning to our normal routine on the beach and preparing for internships in Tel Aviv.

I am so impressed with the Career Israel programming and I was sad to leave this trip-  it leaves me looking forward to the trips we have coming soon, including Haifa, Sderot, the Dialogue Seminar, and the Negev!




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