A Day in the Life: Working for All My Faves

by Danny Davies

My first year working for All My Faves has been quite the experience. From the day I first arrived as a wide-eyed intern thanks to Career Israel to the day I’m writing this now as editor, I’ve learned so much about the Internet world, and loved every second… Here’s why!

AllMyFaves: My Internship

I first found All My Faves through Career Israel to fill my year off in between law school and starting full time law, believe it or not! Looking for something that would teach me about the Internet, marketing, writing, business development, I felt the best place to learn would be in a start-up… And boy did I get lucky to come here!

AllMyFaves is a place where the more you put in, the more you get out: If you have the ability, imagination and the desire to learn, you really can make a difference!

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One thought on “A Day in the Life: Working for All My Faves

  1. If you’re reading this and considering Career Israel, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Equally, All My Faves is a brilliant place to do your internship if you’re interested in web design, product development, and graphic design; as well as business, internet, marketing, blogging and social media.

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