Giving Patients One-on-One Care in Israel

My name is Blair Funk.  I am from Livingston, NJ, and I graduated from the University of Miami in 2011 with a degree in Chemistry and Psychology. This coming August, I will be attending Medical School at the University of Miami, so I had a few months to take some time to travel and do something to gain hands on experience through the Career Israel internship program. I came to Israel because I fell in love with the country when I spent three months here during high school. I always knew I wanted to come back, so I took a year off from my education in order to gain some more experience in the medical field while spending time in my favorite place.

With that in mind, I decided to volunteer with Magen David Adom as a first care provider on ambulances. One thing I love about the people I work with in the ambulances is their dedication to their job. No matter what kind of call it is, from a CPR call, to an elderly lady with a back ache, the ambulance drivers and paramedics treat the patients with compassion and patience. Having seen and taken part in caring for patients in such a compassionate manner, I know I will be able to continue this type of care when I go back to medical school in the US.  I would not have been able to come to Israel and learn so much about patient care had it not been for Career Israel.

My favorite trip we went on as a group was the trip to the North. It was amazing to get out of the hustle and bustle of Tel Aviv for three days to go hiking on the beautiful trails Israel has to offer.


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