Cleveland and Pittsburgh Delve into Israeli Current Events

Now with only two weeks left the group is trying to make the most of every opportunity and experience.

Last Monday evening there was an optional talk from an army officer who served during the Cast Lead operation in 2008. Those who went said it was fascinating to see pictures and hear about his personal experience.

Wednesday evening was dedicated to learning about the social protests and the group heard from two different speakers. The first was Elion Schwartz who spoke about the  protests and the effects they have had on Israeli society. The second was Yonatan Levy, a young Israeli who is very involved in the protests both last year and this year and shared his experiences and answered lots of questions from the group.

Thursday was a highlight for many participants. We went to Kishurit, a community that works with adults with disabilities to provide employment and housing. During our tour we saw people working at the toy workshop, dog kennels, stables, and with the goats and more. Then we returned to Tel Aviv so the group had a long Shabbat to rest and explore Israel.

Yesterday evening was their final meeting with the Israelis and they explored three different social issues in Israel – African refugees, social protests and the Tal Law.

Their internships are progressing nicely. We have heard from interns and employers about that impact they have already made on their organizations. For example, the research that interns have conducted in business development has been integrated into company  decisions, work with adults with disabilities has impacted their development, and an
intern’s contribution has raised the capacity of the Medical Tourism department in Ichilov Hospital to treat patients from abroad.


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