Achieving Tangible Results in My Public Health Marketing Internship in Israel

My name is Julie Blechman, and I grew up in Boca Raton.  After completing my BA at the University of Miami, I earned my Master’s degree from The George Washington University in Public Health Communications and Social Marketing. I came on Career Israel in order to gain professional experience. The job market is rough right now; funding for prevention programs is scarce, and nonprofits are slow to hire recent graduates without ample experience.  By coming on Career Israel, I am able to gain relevant work experience and boost my resume.

I am interning at the Israeli Ministry of Health in the Nutrition Department where I I have been put in charge of creating the communications materials for the 10th annual International Nutrition Conference this summer in  Tel Aviv. This task included the creation of multiple posters, a banner, and give-aways for the Ministry of Health booth. These activities have helped me develop my skills outside of the classroom, giving me a tangible product to show potential employers.

My favorite Career Israel trip/seminar was the Dialogue Seminar with Israeli peers in Ein Gedi for the weekend.  Though the topics were sometimes intense, it was great to hear other perspectives on difficult topics such as Diaspora Jewry, and what it means to be Jewish. I was able to meet and befriend Israelis my age. Two of the Israelis (and their friends) from the seminar even joined the group of Career Israelites when we hiked for a few days (Yam L’Yam) during Pesach.


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